Protect Your Investment

Welcome to MasterTech

For over 19 years, the MasterTech Vehicle Protection Program® has shielded drivers from the rising cost of vehicle repairs that are over and above the manufacturer’s limited warranty and any applicable powertrain limited warranties. This elite service contract program can be tailored to meet your driving needs while providing affordable options to meet your budget.

New in 2019, MasterTech™ is pleased to announce they have expanded their portfolio with additional products and services to further assist in maintaining your vehicle’s quality. Coverage on most of the products is 100% transferrable (Fee applies), which may increase the resale value of your vehicle.

Have confidence in knowing that you have selected the industry’s leading vehicle protection program and that your investment is protected for the road ahead! 20231011

Services and Benefits

  • Emergency travel expense reimbursement
  • Excellent rental and towing benefits
  • Hassle-free claims process
  • Exceptional customer service

What We Do

The MasterTech Vehicle Protection Program® offers a variety of time and mileage coverage options for new and pre-owned vehicles. Combined with 24-hour Roadside Assistance, nationwide repairs, and direct payment to the authorized repair facility, MasterTech™ has become the trusted choice for drivers when purchasing a vehicle service contract.

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The MasterTech Debt Protection Program was developed to lessen or wipe out an outstanding loan or lease balance after experiencing a constructive total loss of your vehicle.

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The MasterTech™ Ancillary Program offers a full suite of F&I products designed to protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle. MasterTech™ Ancillary products may increase the resale value of your vehicle, while shielding you from unexpected vehicle repair costs. Various coverage options allow you to select the products that fit your budget and driving environment. Protect your investment for the road ahead.

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Environmental Protection

The MasterTech™ Environmental Protection Program protects your vehicle from environmental elements and unforeseen interior damages that can happen throughout your vehicle ownership.

Windshield Protection

The MasterTech™ Windshield Protection Program assists in the prevention of windshield damage from gravel, rock chips, and flying debris. A damaged windshield is not only dangerous, but it will also lower your vehicle’s resale value.

Theft Deterrent

The MasterTech™ Theft Deterrent Program protects you from a potential financial loss due to vehicle theft by providing a payable benefit that can be applied towards purchasing a new vehicle. This program consists of anti-theft markings applied to certain vehicle components, along with certain benefits if you suffer a loss due to theft of the vehicle.

Road Hazard

The MasterTech™ Road Hazard Protection Program covers damage to tires and wheels caused by road hazards, such as potholes, debris, and curbs.

Complete Protection

The MasterTech™ Complete Protection Program protects some of the most common areas of your vehicle that are prone to damage, such as your windshield, exterior, or tires and wheels.

Key Replacment

The MasterTech™ Key Replacement Program remedies the increasing cost of replacing your key and key fob by ensuring today’s cost at a future date.

Dent Protection

The MasterTech™ Dent Protection Program allows for easy and effective removal of dents and dings which will help to maintain your vehicle’s quality.